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Lac is the resinous secretion of a kind of microscopic insect, popularly known as Laccifer Lacca. It is broadly divided into three categories i.e. Sticklac, Seedlac and Sheelac.

Sticklac - The raw material derived from different lac host trees.

Seedlac - The Semi Finished Product used for production of Shellac & other Lac Products.

Shellac - The finished product, derived from seedlac by Traditional Hand Made Process and Modern Machine Made Process.

Hand Made Shellac is manufactured manually by Heat Process having our different grades.
1. RKS Light Purer Buttonlac
2. RKS Hand Made Lemon 1 Shellac
3. RKS Kusmi Buttonlac
4. RKS Hand Made Standard 1 Shellac
5. RKS Hand Made Lemon 2 Shellac

Machine Made Shellac is manufactured by Heat process, Solvent Process and Bleached Process in different grades.
1. RKS Orange Shellac
2. RKS TN Shellac
3. RKS Hand Made Standard 1 Shellac
4. RKS Machine Made Lemon 1 Shellac

Grades Insoluble in Hot Alcohol
Golden Bysaki Seedlac 2.5%
Manbhum Fine Bysaki Seedlac 3%
Genuine Bysaki Seedlac 5%
Golden Kusmi Seedlac 2%
Kusmi Seedlac 2.5%