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Genuine Bysacky Seedlac

Genuine Bysacky Seedlac, as the name suggests, is excellent in quality and purity level. Genuine Bysacky Seedlac that we offer features 5% to 7% matter insoluble in hot alcohol that is essential for its manufacturing. There is a presence of maximum 2% volatile matter, 1% matter soluble in water and 5.5% of wax in Genuine Bysacky Seedlac. We make available bulk quantities of Genuine Bysacky Seedlac at affordable rates.

Specification of Ordinary / Genuine Bysacky Seedlac

Essential Requirements -
Matter insoluble in Hot Alcohol Basic Limit - 5.0%
- Relaxed Limit - 7.0%
Optional Requirements -
Volatile Matter 2% max.
Matter Soluble in Water 1%
Wax 5.5% max.