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Dewaxed Orange

Our Dewaxed Orange is carefully prepared using excellent quality stick lac using hi-tech machineries. The acid value and ester value of our Dewaxed Orange are 65-80 and 125-160 respectively. Melting range of our Dewaxed Orange is 65ºC-85ºC and is has moisture level of maximum 2%.


Acid Value (DAB 9) 65-80
Ester Value (DAB 9) 125-160
Saponification Value (DAB 9) 190-230
Melting Range (DAB 9) 65ºC-85ºC
Wax Content (USP XXI) 0.20% max.
Moisture - 2% max.
Insolubility in Hot Alcohol - 0.10% max.
Rosin Content Nil
Orpiment - Nil
Arsenic 1.5 PPM max.
Heavy Metals as Pb 10 PPM max.
Colour Index (Gardner in 20% Ethanol Solution) 15.5-17
Colour Index (Lovibond in 20% Ethanol Solution) 6.50-7.50