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Dewaxed Lemon

We provide superior quality Dewaxed Lemon in diverse grades ranging from wax percentage to color index. Dewaxed Lemon that we offer is free from impurities and contains moisture content of maximum 2%. The acid value and ester value of our Dewaxed Lemon are 65-80 and 125-160 respectively. Further, our Dewaxed Lemon has maximum 0.10% insolubility in hot alcohol.


Acid Value (DAB 9) 65-80
Ester Value (DAB 9) 125-160
Saponification Value (DAB 9) 190-230
Melting Range (DAB 9) 65ºC-85ºC
Wax Content: (USP XXI) 0.20% max.
Moisture - 2% max
Insolubility in Hot Alcohol - 0.10% max.
Rosin Content - Nil
Orpiment - Nil
Arsenic 1.5 PPM max.
Heavy Metals as Pb 10 PPM max.
Colour Index (Gardner in 20% Ethanol Solution) 14-15
Colour Index (Lovibond in 20% Ethanol Solution) 6.00-6.50