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Dewaxed Bleached shellac Powder

BLEACHED LACS are Non-Toxic, physiologically harmless (edible), and is being very widely used in the food industries, food packaging and allied industries.

Apart from the above, BLEACHED LAC is also used for its qualities i.e. Binding, Adhesive, Hardening, Gloss, Odourless, Fast Drying, extending Shelf Life (in absence of refrigeration ) etc.

Clear, transparent or very light coloured alcoholic or water - alkali solutions can be obtained from BLEACHED LAC.

Moreover, the "SSGJ" Dewaxed Bleached Lacs are manufactured from Superior Quality Indian Seedlacs and not of Seedlacs of any other origin as Indian Seedlacs are known World over for its superiority and quality.


Acid Value 65-90
Ester Value 135-195
Saponification Value 200-260
Melting Point (Capillary Method) 75ºC-91ºC
Wax Content: 0.20% max.
Moisture: 6% max.
Insolubility in Hot Alcohol 0.10% max.
Rosin Content Nil
Ash Content 0.50% max.
Heavy Metals 10 PPM
Colour Pale Yellow
Arsenic Nil
Iron Nil